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Welcome! I am humbled and grateful for the privilege of being able to walk alongside you in your healing journey.


I specialize in working with black people and other marginalized populations who have experienced trauma and its effects such as: PTSD, anxiety, depression, and grief.

At the root of most mental health disorders is a lack of capacity to embrace all the aspects of ourselves. Through the process of radical self-acceptance, the integration of formational life events into your current context(s), and non-judgmental/kind self awareness we will bear witness to hurting aspects of yourself, in order to uncover hidden shame that drives your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors beyond your awareness.


Through genuine encounters in the therapeutic space, I will help you to see your own essential goodness as well as experience reality as it is. These components lead to:

  • Reduced suffering and increased happiness

  • Increased control of your thoughts, feelings, behaviors

  • Improved relationships 

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Black Therapist in Seattle/Justin Talkish Counseling

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