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I'm Justin!


My Story

Born in Pittsburgh, PA, I've spent the past decade in Seattle, having grown up in a challenging single-parent household with four siblings. My tough childhood, marred by trauma and poverty, left me in juvenile detention and without a high school diploma. My early struggles have since transformed into a story of redemption, allowing me to provide unique insights in the field of psychology, particularly in reaching those deemed "untreatable".
My life is also marked by 17 joyous years of marriage to my wife Misty, shared with our pets, Cardi and Keisha. Beyond my work, I find solace in reading, writing, and immersing myself in Netflix shows.

Licenses, certifications, and professional affiliations

  •  Washington State Department of Health LH61230967

  • American Counseling Association (ACA)


Please email me for more info

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